I’m Batman

Ok. FINALLY another Nostalgic Look back. As this whole thing was meant for in the first place. This one recounts a particular Sunday morning bus ride circa we’ll say…1981. Going to school in those days meant I had weekends free & instead of getting together with friends & playing Street Hockey, or going biking, or […]

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camp elphinstone

It’s funny how it’s taken the Internet, & it’s ability to track down the past to prod me to recall events & highlights of my childhood. Who would have thought that the best tool to go back to yesterday, would be the tools of today? So today’s memory is of Camp Elphinstone. Another camp in […]

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Activity Day

You know what? I skipped past a few things. Sorry. Didn’t mean to. I guess when I got on the trail of ferry memories I kinda got so focused, I forgot about everything else. This entry is about Activity Day. Specifically, Fridays after lunch at school in 1976. You have to use some imagination if […]

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Ok. Taking a COMPLETE 180 degree turn from yesterday’s breakdown. (Sorry about that by the way) and back to the past. This time, it’s 1979. I was lucky enough to get to go on TWO ferry trips this year. Dad, like myself was a fan of the Old Ferries, like the Queen of New Westminster, […]

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Shitpants McGoo

Summer, 1978. The parents want to get rid of me again for a week, but they don’t want a repeat of Camp Howdy. Solution: Have me go to a camp that includes a Boat ride to and from the Campsite! BINGO! I can just see my Father slapping my Mother on the back in congratulations […]

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With Your Love

Ok. The Sausages are on the grill, I’ve just had my morning coffee, I’m feeling creative so, here we go. So now we turn to 1976. THIS Ferry trip I can remember with far greater detail thanks to a song, which I’ll disclose later on. That’s one thing for sure. Smells & songs seem to […]

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Queen of Coquitlam Launch

One of the reasons I don’t post everyday, despite having all the time in the world is; it’s hard to first track down a memory as far off as the early 1970’s; Then to accurately re-tell the story, I need to be able to recall it enough with enough detail so that I can ACTUALLY […]

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