What the HELL happened?

I don’t know whether I’ve yet, STILL come to grips with the Election results of last November. My Logical self STILL can’t connect the fact that The Donald is now the Leader of the Free World to any sense of reality. I mean, I remember true enough sitting there, watching the results coming in as […]

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I’m Batman

Ok. FINALLY another Nostalgic Look back. As this whole thing was meant for in the first place. This one recounts a particular Sunday morning bus ride circa we’ll say…1981. Going to school in those days meant I had weekends free & instead of getting together with friends & playing Street Hockey, or going biking, or […]

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Generation: EVIL

Well, not necessarily EVIL per se. But certainly inconsiderate. Being a Bitter Old Man, I can complain about “them young Whippersnappers” with legitimacy. So we’re at a concert last night. Big name 80’s band doing the Nostalgia circuit. Truth is, I never was really into this particular band as I thought they represented everything I […]

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He’s Out

That’s what I heard from my Spouse. “He’s Out.” Not really paying attention before that moment, as I entrusted her to change the Bird seed, she had apparently stuck her dainty little hand inside his cage to do just that, when Chimo, apparently saw it as the opportune moment to make a break for it. […]

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Hounds at the door

I’m thinking very seriously of changing the name of my blog here, as it is clearly NOT so much about Yesteryear, but more a Blog/Diary of the events of TODAY & my reactions to them. I just don’t know what I should re-title it yet. Perhaps that too is a work in progress… For the […]

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Forgive & Forget

This entry is more “filler” as I haven’t posted anything in a week or so, & while I can’t really come up with anything Groundbreaking, I thought it better to post SOMETHING rather than nothing. As you can tell, I have had my Life’s challenges with Women & forming relationships. Truth be told, except for […]

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