Evil-young people, typically in their teens & 20’s are the most susceptible to the Love bug. One of the reasons is at that age, their emotions outshine all other qualities of their persona. Including Rationale & Logic, which of course are best developed with time. Why this is so, we’ll never know. Perhaps it’s programmed […]

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Lost guys finish nice

With all the powerful men currently being exposed for their longstanding entitlement to abuse women in search of wealth & power, the final Yardstick of Feminism is upon us. They will not stop at the door. They want the world & they want it now.
Women have historically sought out the very men who become their abusers. And who do they cry to about it?
The nice guys who are foolish enough to listen. After being used time & time again, by these women in search of the Player with the edge that wets her whistle, they now cry because of the dissatisfaction of years of truly being the Bitches to these Assholes.
Who do they now want to lift them onto the shoulders of Oprah to fight the Oppressor Trumpeter?
Nice guys. That’s who. The men they step around and avoid like the plague. The boring introverted, nervous males are now expected to board the train of Feminism. If it was TRULY love they were seeking, they would be with the nice guy.
Because it’s the million dollar view, and to use sex as a weapon to get the Asshole’s house, we’re told to choose a side or stand on the sidelines.
Nice guys do not finish last.
Lost guys finish nice.

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GUILTY! I pronounce myself Guilty under the charge of being negligent in my postings , and hereby sentence the guilty party to a good 20 mins. of writing something…anything. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna deliver here. Pretty much nothing as I’ve all but abandoned my original intent of making this a Yesteryear  was better […]

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What the HELL happened?

I don’t know whether I’ve yet, STILL come to grips with the Election results of last November. My Logical self STILL can’t connect the fact that The Donald is now the Leader of the Free World to any sense of reality. I mean, I remember true enough sitting there, watching the results coming in as […]

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I’m Batman

Ok. FINALLY another Nostalgic Look back. As this whole thing was meant for in the first place. This one recounts a particular Sunday morning bus ride circa we’ll say…1981. Going to school in those days meant I had weekends free & instead of getting together with friends & playing Street Hockey, or going biking, or […]

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Generation: EVIL

Well, not necessarily EVIL per se. But certainly inconsiderate. Being a Bitter Old Man, I can complain about “them young Whippersnappers” with legitimacy. So we’re at a concert last night. Big name 80’s band doing the Nostalgia circuit. Truth is, I never was really into this particular band as I thought they represented everything I […]

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