Drunk & Disorderly

One thing I find with this project. With trying to come up with memories from Yesteryear is it forces me to live in the past, when I SHOULD be more living in the here & now. Especially since I’m supposed to be looking for a job. Despite where and WHEN I’d like to live, life still goes on.

Speaking of life going on; a funny incident happened the other night. Me & the wife were sleeping when the Fire alarm in our bldg. went off. Of course, it has to be at 3 AM right? And my wife having to get up in just 3 short hours to go to work. I figured it had to be a false alarm, so I leaned out the front window & sure enough, my ears were exposed to this girl yelling at this guy, saying: “MY FUCKING PHONE IS DEAD!! MY BOYFRIEND WON’T LET ME STAY….” That told me all I needed to know. It was your typical 21st century self-centered Drama Bitch. Her “Boyfriend” had probably picked her out of the remains of the last to be standing at the Club & was now having to deal with the consequences. While it was irritating having to endure the fire alarm ringing throughout, it WAS somewhat entertaining hearing this clueless piece of filth spew her nastiness on into the night. One thing about 3 in the morning; voices DO carry.  WAY louder than they would during the Daytime.

So this Bitch continued her Alcohol-fueled tirade & finally the police showed up. You could tell she was a player of the system & that she had been through something similar before as she switched to now yelling at the cops: “I’m a ward of the state! You can’t treat me this way!” To the police’s credit, they handled themselves very professionally, even when she launched a verbal attack at them, calling them pigs, etc… Like I said, she’s a player. Meanwhile, not only has the whole building been woken up from her Selfish, stupid act, but now her tirade was waking the entire block. Some people were now shouting down at her, not realizing they were only adding to her audience, giving this bitch exactly what she wants. FINALLY, the cops call in the Wagon & she launches a final Racial Tirade against one of her Captors, calling her a chink, etc… How that officer didn’t beat the living shit outta her, I’ll never know. But she was shoved unceremoniously into the van, where she proceeded to kick the walls, making as much noise as she could. I’ll admit, the Primal male in me speculated for just a moment with that much energy how good in bed she would be. I would imagine her Boyfriend of the night did too. Only now, he would find out just what he was dealing with.

Obviously incidents like this trigger the Misogynist in me. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate ALL Women. I just tend not to trust Women by default. But that’s another story.

Actually, my dislike has turned to young people in general. Them damn Whippersnappers! Pretty consistent attitude for an old fart I suppose. As a kid, I never thought I’d become one of THOSE people. But, here we are. I’m a bitter old man & now can spend the rest of my days blaming everyone & everything else for my problems. Being a victim of Anxiety, you tend not to like people. At least by default. And incidents like the aforementioned only help to fuel & solidify my position on “Evil young people.” Of course, if I’m being honest with myself, a lot of it is envy. I WISH I had the opportunity to rebel against the system & be a free spirit when I was young. But this is who I am today & the challenge is for me, as it is with us all to find acceptance for who we are.


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