Just push the button already!

You know that feeling you get when you know you’re nearing the end of a book, or a movie? You have a pretty good idea, or at least you THINK you have a pretty good idea how it’s all gonna end & you’re just waiting for the end to come. Well that’s pretty much how I have been these past few weeks.

Let me back up to circa 1983. I remember having had a Nightmare, it was really more a segment, but it was enough to wake me up & I carried that memory with me through the years. In short, the dream was like I had just had my picture taken, or so I thought. A blinding flash went off, but instead of seeing a Photographer’s face right after, I heard a low rumbling sound almost simultaneously. Then, the last image I had was of the horizon of Vancouver & what looked like the Sun exploding in an instant. What woke me up was the feeling of instantly getting incredibly hot. I was burning alive. It was that moment I awoke. I never shared it with anybody till recently, as I believe now it may have been a foreshadowing.

We all know of the current rising tensions between North Korea & Trumpland. Now ordinarily I’d have faith that diplomacy would prevail & things would get back to normal for this world. Such as it were. But, as I said this last little while I’ve had the feeling that things, meaning our world may be coming to an end. I don’t mean to be all doom & gloom here. I’m simply pointing out the events of my life & how they seem to correspond with what’s happening. Like, whenever I’ve tried to imagine myself as an Elderly man, possibly living in a Senior’s Home, I just can’t form the image in my mind for whatever reason. And while it’s unlikely it means I WON’T die, I tend to defer to the more plausible. That I WILL die & won’t even MAKE it to the Seniors Home. Some would see this as being a good thing, but if my life is to end with billions of people at the same time, which I’m becoming more & more convinced of, I’d rather get it over with quickly.

I mean, think about it. In the ENTIRE HISTORY of the planet, has there ever been a time more right for Armageddon? HOW is everything been put in place up to this point? Is it all at the design of a smaller group of Elitists whom have the money & the power to make it all happen? Or, is it God’s will that this all happens. How could Trump POSSIBLY get to be the Commander in Chief of the World’s biggest Super Power? Like many others, I stood & watched in disbelief as the final counts came in that night on CNN. But here we are. Kim-Jon couldn’t have ASKED for a better sparring partner. Trouble is, he might not realize that the Donald MIGHT just be crazy enough to dance with him. Careful what you wish for…

Now back to my life. I’m currently unemployed (by choice) as I feel this whole world could conceivably end in the next six months. Therefore, why bother to look for a job if it won’t ever matter? I hope to god I’m wrong. I really do. It’s just that everything in my life seems to be leading up to this scenario. I’m no Fortune Teller & I don’t want people to take this as a run for the hills warning. I’m only saying this is how things appear to be shaping up in MY mind. I will say this; If Trump & Kim-Jon can somehow diffuse this whole thing without going to war, I will be amazed. And after nearly fifty years on this earth, that’s not easy to do. When plain logic says it’s more likely war will happen than not, it’s time to make plans. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any plans that can save your ass in a Nuclear War.  There are those that will call me crazy and I hope history proves them right. For I’d rather end up in an Institution than a pile of Ashes.




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