a bird in the family

Ok. How about something positive for once. Instead of all this doom & gloom end of the world shit.

Yesterday, we expanded the family by (1). We bought a Budgie. A baby budgie. To say he’s the cutest thing would be a tragic understatement. When you’re already married to the cutest girl in the world & you add the element of a baby budgie in the mix, well…let’s say there’s some SERIOUS cuteness overload going on. First off, let me say I love my Wife. In fact, she’s not even my wife yet. But we’re both in love so much that we know we’re going to get married. It’s just a question of when. We’re in one of those Storybook romances that you only read about. Well I am blessed to be in such a situation. BUT, it didn’t happen overnight.

To understand, you need to wind the tape back a little. Because of my Anxiety, I grew up VERY Lonely. I didn’t have the typical High school romance. I didn’t have the seed-sowing years. Women were always elusive to me. And of course, as a result I became bitter. I was prepared to eek out the rest of my existence as a solo act, when I went online one night, not really looking, or even expecting anything. Well, somebody must have taken mercy on my Lonely soul because in walked Ellen into my Lonely life. Ellen made such an immediate impact on my life, that it wasn’t until I met her that the full reality of just how Lonely I really was came into focus. She is that rare combination of person whom is not only beautiful on the outside, but is even more so on the INSIDE. It took me FORTY SIX YEARS to find her & you know what? The wait was SO worth it, that I would happily wait ANOTHER 46 years if I had to do it all over again. That is, if I knew I was gonna meet her this time, because there were times I really was ready to pack it in as far as Love goes.

Yesterday, we were at the Pet Shop & when we both saw Chimo (The name we gave him) we were both instantly Love-struck. The Girl boxed little Chimo up & we took him home with us. He was SO quiet during thew ride home. Not a peep. In fact, he HASN’T made a sound at all since then. All the Forums & videos we can read all say the same thing. That it’s perfectly normal for this type of behavior as he’s just scared. So, we’re giving him all the time in the world. He really IS the cutest little fella & I have a feeling our patience will soon be rewarded. You see, for me this is also a sort of a chance to reverse some bad karma created in my childhood. I also had budgies as a child and while I won’t go into any detail, I’ll just say that my father ended up having to give them away. I wound regretting that, especially later in my life & now, I have a chance to make up for it. I am going to love this little fella like he were my very own child. And perhaps that’s a good way to look at it. I never did father a child as it just wasn’t in the cards for me, with all my challenges & all, but I still CAN love someone, something as much.

So now we truly are a family & the waiting game is on to hear our child’s first peep. Naturally, I’ll keep you informed of any & all progress & as he gets less shy(hopefully) and I’ll start sharing some videos of his antics.


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