The Chimo show – Day 2

It’s so weird, yet wonderful to have another soul to love in the Household. All our attention is now clearly focused on our little Chimo. If anything, this bird is gonna be SPOILED by the amount of love he gets. Ellen has been especially attentive to his needs. Before I can even form the thought of maybe changing his seed dish, or water she’s already done it twice. One thing about having a pet, it shows you not only the capacity of others to love, but just how deep your own goes as well.

I wish I could report any groundbreaking progress, but it’s only been (2) days & really, he’s still just brand new. He DID make his first sounds yesterday, and the fact we’ve already got him chirping is amazing. Although admittedly, we did cheat by using Budgie sounds off You Tube. Still, I can see that when he finally gets over his fear, we will be rewarded for our patience. AND of course, so will Chimo! I guess, I really have adopted him as my son. I mean, it makes sense. Since we are given the ability to create offspring by design, it only makes sense that we are given the ability to love our offspring as well. And while I may not have been able to father a Human child, I am just as happy to give my love to a Budgie child. He really IS a child too. Which makes it easy to understand his shyness. I got a feeling the more patience we have with him, the greater the reward will be. It’s so funny hearing Ellen & I talk now. Everything is directed toward Chimo: “Hello Chimo!. Are you a good bird? Yes you are! Yes you are!” And that’s just coming from ME! If anybody were to put their ear to our door, they’d think we’d both snapped our cap. Yes. Ellen & I are both Love-struck with our little guy and we know it.

So, do I use this entry to just update you on Chimo’s progress? Or do I delver into the past once again since that is, or at least WAS the original idea behind this whole Blog. Ok. I’m hesitant to leave the 70’s, as it was so long ago now. God knows, I’m sure I’ve missed a thing or two at least. But this is the last memory from that far back I can recall.                    New Year’s Eve 1980. As I recall, the parents were invited to some New Years party & yours truly was entrusted to watch the house while they were gone. I know, I know. Big mistake, but you have to remember I was still quite well behaved at this point & the fact I was trusted with staying home on my own for New Year’s Eve meant a lot to me & I didn’t want to mess this up. So, I tuned into the year’s Pop hits countdown shortly after the folks left for the party. I can remember hearing such songs as “Why Me?” – by Styx playing along with all the hits of the day. Then, that magical moment. I even went into my Dad’s bedroom & listened to the New Year’s countdown on the radio with the lights off…that eerie, yet excited feeling of anticipation: 3…2…1….HAPPY 1980! I felt as if we had crossed some of Universal Threshold as this was my first New Year’s transition between decades. I remember opening the window up, hearing all the hooting & hollering…the ships across the harbor… Again, probably means nothing to anybody else, but to me it was another life moment.


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