camp elphinstone

It’s funny how it’s taken the Internet, & it’s ability to track down the past to prod me to recall events & highlights of my childhood. Who would have thought that the best tool to go back to yesterday, would be the tools of today?

So today’s memory is of Camp Elphinstone. Another camp in Howe Sound. By this time, age 11, I had all but completely overcome any Homesickness. Now, I LOVED going to camp! I mean, come on…Ferry ride to and from the camp? Hello? The camp didn’t start off to well though. Especially for the Counselors. That’s because when they took attendance, instead of shouting : “Here!” when they called  my name, I remained silent. For some reason, I chose to adopt a Pseudonym for my stay here. I chose the name of one of my classmates from school. I remember the strange, mischievous satisfaction I felt when I not only didn’t acknowledge my name, but insisted MY name was Tony Hansen. Of course, the powers that be eventually figured out my little ruse & I was busted. But I did make an impression on  the Counselors that time.

As far as the camp itself goes, I recall having had a pretty good time. I was introduced to Sabots (pronounced: sa-bo(s)) which were, for all purposes mini Sailboats. 1-2 person craft & if you proved you were responsible enough, you got to take one out along with a fellow camper into the water. Of course, I wasn’t interested in being responsible. Or even being with the other kids. In fact, now that I think of it, here might be an early sign of my developing Social Anxiety. My preference to stay back in the cabin during activity time, rather than go out with the other kids on the boats. In fact, I recall making friends with a fellow camper, Alex I believe his name was. Whom, like myself sought only the solitude of our cabin. So much so in fact, that Alex took it upon himself to seek out the Alpha Male of the campers & actually PAID him to guarantee our safety. BOTH his & mine. While I never felt particularly that my very life was threatened, I still was flattered that he would include me under his protected trust. I suspect that because of this, no harm, or even teasing of ANY sort sullied my experience this trip out. All I can recall is hearing plenty of RUSH on the radio, as Tom Sawyer had just hit the charts. April Wine were big with Gypsy Queen. And I always loved meals at the Dining Hall:elphinstone_dining-hall-interior

I remember one game of Capture The Flag. Again, I was feeling naughty, so in an absolute act of Insubordination, I went up to our “King” and called him a big Poopy-head in front of the rest of our team. I then took off in a vain attempt to escape my Ruler’s wrath & was soon accosted by (2) of his Henchmen whom quickly dispatched me to my King’s Throne-side where I was given the following Proclamation to repeat unto my King’s Ears: “I am sorry for showing disrespect. And I hereby take back any and all insults to my king. I acknowledge that you are my king. You will always be my king. King Searcy.” After humbling myself before “My king” I was released & really, no harm was done. In fact, I found the whole experience quite humorous. I mean, WHO disses their own “King” when playing Capture The Flag?

That would be about it as far as memories of Camp Elphinstone. Jezus, I can’t even remember the ferry ride to or even back home! I MUST’VE had a helluva time there.



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