A tale of 2 egos

So as this North Korea thing drags out & my faith in humanity becomes ever so more tested, I am left to wonder: IS this in fact, by design of a chosen few?

As you could guess, I have indeed at least, dabbled in Conspiracy Theories. The Tri-lateral Comission, The New World Oder, The Annunaki, Niburu, etc…so yes, I have several Tin foil hats in my closet. Isn’t it strange how, when you’re looking for answers, and you can’t come up with any forthcoming how you’ll sometimes listen to anyone, anyTHING just so long as it provides an answer of some kind. And I will admit, ordinarily in my saner moments I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of a select few having destiny over world events. But when you’ve exhausted all other possibilities, even your PRAYERS go unanswered, you’d be surprised at what you find yourself listening to. Just ask the people of Germany, post WW1. A country, a people so beaten & broke they would listen to ANYONE with an answer. Only too late did they find out it was the wrong one.

Now today we have not one, but TWO personalities who’s similarities are closer to Hitler’s than ANY National leader should ever be. Both poised to press the button on our annihilation and for what. Pride? To show the other side that they mean business? Have they forgotten about the BILLIONS of lives their Pissing Contest is affecting? I myself, being a victim of Anxiety am barely sleeping anymore. The thought of being rudely woken up in the middle of the night with sirens blaring, people freaking out on the streets is far too etched in my head. And this is just me! I wonder how many more anxious than I have taken matters to extremes? Possibly committed suicide because of what’s happening. Have the Donald & Kim even THOUGHT about this? I doubt it. Because at the end of the day, it’s NOT about protecting your country, or your people. It’s about who’s right. At least, in THEIR minds it is. You can spew all you want about how you will “protect your country with whatever means necessary” Blah,blah,bla. But is THAT the kind of talk that’s going to diffuse an already tense situation?

Seems strange as I write this, how all of a sudden my entries have become political, when my ORIGINAL intention was to recall memories of my past. It may turn out to be prophetic if at the end of all this, all that’s left is the past.ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)


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