Drunk & Disorderly

One thing I find with this project. With trying to come up with memories from Yesteryear is it forces me to live in the past, when I SHOULD be more living in the here & now. Especially since I’m supposed to be looking for a job. Despite where and WHEN I’d like to live, life […]

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Had a discussion with my friend the other day…You know those ones where you’re both feeling smart & you try to make the other go: “Ohhhh…that’s a good point!” Well I found myself in one of those moments in this conversation when it got to discussing Overpopulation & he brought up a most interesting point, […]

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Activity Day

You know what? I skipped past a few things. Sorry. Didn’t mean to. I guess when I got on the trail of ferry memories I kinda got so focused, I forgot about everything else. This entry is about Activity Day. Specifically, Fridays after lunch at school in 1976. You have to use some imagination if […]

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Ok. Taking a COMPLETE 180 degree turn from yesterday’s breakdown. (Sorry about that by the way) and back to the past. This time, it’s 1979. I was lucky enough to get to go on TWO ferry trips this year. Dad, like myself was a fan of the Old Ferries, like the Queen of New Westminster, […]

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So I made the predictable mistake of stepping on the scale this morning. Hoping to see Something…ANYTHING different than 330 lbs. after nearly a month.                                        Naturally, I hadn’t shed an ounce. Still RIGHT on 330.00 lbs. […]

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The God That Failed

There’s a definite Contaminant on Earth…its name is Humans. People to be precise. Supposedly ordinary, everyday people. The problem is, there are too MANY of them. FAR too many of them. I can’t even BEGIN to speculate how their sheer numbers ALONE have already outpaced the earths sustainability. I sincerely believe, that the creation of […]

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Shitpants McGoo

Summer, 1978. The parents want to get rid of me again for a week, but they don’t want a repeat of Camp Howdy. Solution: Have me go to a camp that includes a Boat ride to and from the Campsite! BINGO! I can just see my Father slapping my Mother on the back in congratulations […]

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