Queen of Surrey

Cut to some Friday in Winter, 1974. I’m at the Babysitters in an Apartment Fourth St. It’s about 4 pm or so & Mum has just come to pick me up. We were going to see Aunt Agnes again. At the time, there was a little Dairy Queen on 4th & Lonsdale & I remember […]

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Village Green Inn

Again. Coffee be my Savior. It’s 11:12 am & I can’t even make my BRAIN work, let alone my fingers. So, I’m just gonna keep typing away until something hits me. You know that feeling when you first wake up & everything, just EVERYTHING going on around you is Sensory Overload. That’s what I’m going […]

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So here I sit on this Monday morning. It’s already 11:20 am. I haven’t even taken a sip of my Coffee & I acn’t make my fingers hit the right keys. It’s sad how dependent I’ve become on Caffeine to be my Waking agent. 11 am on a Monday Morning. Only the Unemployed can boast […]

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I’ve been debating whether or not to recount this story, but it seems to come up next. At least, Chronologically. ┬áIt may, or may not be safe for Children’s reading. Again, I leave it up to you good Readers to decide. Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to keep it as clean as possible. Ah, the […]

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*WARNING* I plan on being very self-indulgent with this Blog as I intend it to be a repository for as many memories as I can recall. So yes, there’s gonna be a lot of me me me here. I am at the moment currently Unemployed and therefore have some time on my hands and have […]

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