Part of a family

So I attended a Wedding yesterday. My Spouse’s Son got married to a lovely young lady. I can’t post pics though, out of respect for their privacy. But it was a really a beautiful affair. Picture an old converted Hunting Lodge, nestled in ┬áthe backwoods of British Columbia to start. It simply was a beautiful […]

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A tale of 2 egos

So as this North Korea thing drags out & my faith in humanity becomes ever so more tested, I am left to wonder: IS this in fact, by design of a chosen few? As you could guess, I have indeed at least, dabbled in Conspiracy Theories. The Tri-lateral Comission, The New World Oder, The Annunaki, […]

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camp elphinstone

It’s funny how it’s taken the Internet, & it’s ability to track down the past to prod me to recall events & highlights of my childhood. Who would have thought that the best tool to go back to yesterday, would be the tools of today? So today’s memory is of Camp Elphinstone. Another camp in […]

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The Chimo show – Day 2

It’s so weird, yet wonderful to have another soul to love in the Household. All our attention is now clearly focused on our little Chimo. If anything, this bird is gonna be SPOILED by the amount of love he gets. Ellen has been especially attentive to his needs. Before I can even form the thought […]

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a bird in the family

Ok. How about something positive for once. Instead of all this doom & gloom end of the world shit. Yesterday, we expanded the family by (1). We bought a Budgie. A baby budgie. To say he’s the cutest thing would be a tragic understatement. When you’re already married to the cutest girl in the world […]

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